New Delhi: Mamata Banerjee intends to place "a tight slap of democracy" on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The West Bengal chief minister made this shocking comment and brought down the level of political discourse many notches.

Making strong allegations on the Prime Minister, she said, "People who lay down their lives for the country, they should be respected. Yesterday, you called Rajiv Gandhi a corrupt Prime Minister. Today you are calling me 'tolabaaz'. If I am a tolabaaz, what are you? What are you? Your entire body - from head to feet - is drenched in the blood of people. Only riots, only riots and only riots". This unwarranted attack on PM Modi came right after Modi branded Mamata's Bengal as "Triple T" -- Trinamool, Tolabaazi, Tax". "Tolabaazi" is the Bengali term for extortion. But this is not the first time she stooped so low in her pursuit to demean her political opponent.

Modi worse than Hitler

On November 2016 Mamata had equated PM Modi with German dictator 'Hitler'. She had accused PM Modi of causing more inconvenience to the people through demonetisation than Hitler himself. "You couldn't even recover black money from Swiss banks, but creating inconvenience for those with white money. You've created more havoc than Hitler," said an angry Mamata.

Indian Army is lying

December 2016 saw a sad turn of events when Mamata Banerjee accused the Indian Army of lying. She had locked herself up at the state government secretariat 'Nabanna' for what she called "guarding our democracy". She had strangely claimed that the Indian Army's presence at toll plazas in the state was similar to a coup. However, the Army rubbished the claim to state it is a regular check to find out the capacity of bridges for internal wartime record. The eastern command clarified, "Army conducting a routine exercise with full knowledge and coordination with West Bengal Police."

"Nitish Kumar is a Gaddar"

During a dharna in 2016, in Patna, the Bengal CM had lashed out at the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. Though she didn't name Kumar directly, she had called him a 'gaddar' (betrayer). Mamata had said, "Gaddari karne walon ko nahin chhodenge (betrayers will not be spared)". This aggressive outburst was due to Kumar lending his support for the demonetisation which was criticised by Mamata Banerjee ahead of any other politician. Nitish Kumar had boycotted all protests called by the opposition against demonetisation.