Vishal Prajapati, the fashion icon from Surat, takes his tag of being a 'social media influencer' quite seriously. The initial online popularity he received for his distinctive sense of style and presentation had been successfully translated into a clothing line that he launched in 2020, called 'Label by VP'. But he wasn't content with keeping his influence individual.

As the world reeled with the effects of the pandemic, VP decided to step up and help provide relief for the affected people. A portion of the revenue earned by his clothing line will be donated for use of the common good, helping purchase oxygen cylinders, food and provide general financial help. Every purchase made from the website will thus contribute to this philanthropic goal.

Speaking on this endeavour, Vishal elucidates on his philosophy of being a social media influencer. He states, 'Being an influencer comes with a lot of responsibility... It means that when things go south, we step up. We leverage our following for a greater benefit. Because it's the right thing to do...'

His noble motives have garnered immense support from his partners and community, as people have come forward to contribute to his campaign. It has been publicised with the hashtag #Makeadifference.

Vishal Prajapati's website is an assemblage of colourful and quirky unisex apparel, and as he uses his considerable fame and influence in trying to make the world a little better, the only thing to hope for is more success for the young entrepreneur.

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