Mumbai: The political deadlock in Maharashtra continues as Shiv Sena sought 48 hours to form the government, but the Governor has not yielded to the demand of the party. According to latest reports, Maharshtra Governor invited the NCP to form the government. The NCP delegation led by Ajith Pawar rushed to the Raj Bhavan and met the Governor. 

The NCP leader said that the party needs to discuss with the allies before forming the government. The deadline now stands at 8.30 pm tomorrow.

After caretaker chief minister, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis refused to stake claim to form government on Sunday, the governor had invited the second largest party, Shiv Sena, to form government in Maharashtra.

Following news that Congress and NCP had extended outside support to Shiv Sena and subsequent reports that stated that Congress had made a U-turn, Aaditya Thackeray held a meeting and said that the party has sought 48 hours from the Governor to stake claim and form the government as they have to follow a procedure since it includes an alliance with Congress and NCP. The Governor has said that there was no further extension possible.

"We told the Governor that we're willing to form the government. We asked him for at least 2 days time but we weren't given time. The claim (to form govt) wasn't denied but the time was. We'll continue to put in efforts to form government in the state," Aaditya Thackeray had said.

"Both parties (Congress-NCP) have been speaking to us, MLAs have been speaking to us. As talks are on, as second largest party it was our right to come here. We've expressed our willingness to form govt, we've asked for extension of 48 hours to fulfill our procedure," he added.  

When questioned about Congress' support, Aaditya said that he cannot disclose the internal discussions.

Speaking to the media, veteran Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that the meeting on the possible alliance is on and there is nothing more to say. He did not answer any question regarding extending support to the Shiv Sena.

People of Maharashtra hope that the political deadlock would come to an end soon.