Indore: Jitu Patwari, state sports and higher education minister, turned a traffic constable and cleared traffic after his vehicle got stuck in the congestion in Indore. Despite his repeated call for action by the concerned authorities, there was no response.

Jitu Patwari chose to take matters into his own hands, instead of waiting endlessly for the policeman to turn up to clear the jam at the busy intersection of Chanakyapuri in Indore city late on Tuesday evening.

Patwari’s convoy was caught in a traffic jam at the intersection when he was on his way to attend an official function in the city.

One of his close aids who was also accompanying him said that Patwari made frantic calls to the police. Upon realising that there would be no outcome, Patwari got out of his vehicle and began to regulate traffic. 

His gunmen and other personal staff later joined him in regulating movement of the vehicles and ensured his convoy waded through the vehicles smoothly.

Interestingly, the traffic lighting system in the busy intersection was not functioning when the convoy of the minister, who also hailed from the area, was passing through it.

Indore, known as financial capital of MP, has of late been witnessing chaotic traffic due to lack of a proper traffic regulation system.