Bengaluru: Ahead of the 36th International Geological Congress, India has found something very special, unique and rare. 

As reported by Times Now, two experts came across what’s called Dickinsonia, one of the rarest fossils in the world. It was found in Madhya Pradesh's Bhimbetka rock shelters.

The website added that this fossil is an extinct genus of a basal animal that lived during the late Ediacaran period. 

It is believed that it dates back 570 million years on the roof of the 'Auditorium Cave' at Bhimbetka.

This fossil is 17 inches in length while the same fossil which is found in other parts of the world are at least 4 feet in length. 

Times Now reported that the February edition of Gondwana Research, an international journal, has published the study by the researchers.

"The fossils were found in the roof of Auditorium Cave at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, a UNESCO World Heritage site for Paleolithic and Mesolithic cave art, near Bhopal. They are identical with Dickinsonia tenuis from the Ediacara Member of the Rawnsley Quartzite in South Australia”.