Bengaluru:  A video has emerged in which a maulvi has threatened both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah. 

In the video he can be heard saying that those Muslims who have not had ‘Khatna’ or circumcision will not fear Modi and Shah.

Watch the video here: 


To quote him, “We respect Baba Ambedkar. We are here to protect to Constitution written by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. That ‘Aate ka Thaila’ (Sack of Wheat) Amit Shah said that Muslims do not have to fear. You (Amit Shah) should know that even those Muslims who have not had ‘Khatna’ (circumcision) yet are not afraid of you. Muslim children who do not how to pass their urine yet are not afraid of you. Muslims do not fear for you,” says rabid hate-monger Maulavi.

He further said, “We will show you the real picture, Inshallah. The Hindustan flag has three colours representing various religion. If they try to remove the Muslim (Green colour) from the flag and if Modi, Amit Shah and Yogi try to reach to the lowermost colour of the Indian flag, there is always a pole (Danda) attached to it. We will hit the BJP, RSS using that Danda in such a manner that their pants will be stripped off.”

The CAA grants citizenship to the religiously persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been staying in India hitherto December 31, 2014. 

While there are allegations that the Act discriminates against Muslims from these countries, the reasoning on the other side is that these countries having Islam as their official religion, can’t persecute the Muslims religiously. 

Moreover, it has been consistently belaboured that the Act doesn’t apply to any of Indian citizens, but the Congress and its coterie have consistently spread misinformation and lies that Muslims will stripped of their citizenship.