Mumbai: Out of her self-imposed retirement, playback legend Lata Mangeshkar has released a song rendered by her, the lyric of which comes from then prime ministerial candidate of the BJP Narendra Modi's 2014 election war cry: "Saugandh mujhe is mitti ki main desh nahin mitne doonga... (I swear by the soil of this country that I will not let it perish)." 

Prime Minister Modi recently redeemed the pledge in an election rally. The words inspired the legendary singer after which Mayuresh Pai set it to a tune that exudes patriotism.

A link to the video was posted by Mangeshkar and shared by the Prime Minister. 

The song soon went viral on social media, and it's trending on Twitter and YouTube at the moment.

The lyricist of the song is Prasoon Joshi.

Mangeshkar has been assisted in the chorus by Sugandha Tamse, Keya Dutta, Purnima Modak, Vandana Kulkarni, Shishir Saple, Vivek Naik, Mandar Sabnis and Kabeer Pandey.

Gaurav Vaswani has arranged the music of this number and programmed the video. Sanjoy Das has played the guitar in the background. Anand Dabre recorded the shots, which was processed at the LM Studio by Bhavesh Liya and Niraj Yadav. The credit for the compilation of the song goes to Shweta Vivek Parulkar.