Mandya: Making no bones about his desire to make his father the PM once more, Karnataka chief minister has openly urged the voters to ensure that they vote for the JD(S) or Congress, in order to see a Kannadiga as the Prime Minister. At a rally in Mandya, Kumaraswamy took a trip back to 1996 when the JD(S) had won 16 seats, eventually helping HD Deve Gowda become the Prime Minister. Using the issue of Kannada and its pride, HD Kumaraswamy fervently appealed to the voters to vote in their favour.

But what on earth prods HD Kumaraswamy to pitch his father as the next candidate for the post of Prime Minister? Well, truth be told, it all boils down to astrology. It is no secret that the Deve Gowda family believes in astrology. To drive home the point, it has to be noted that while presenting the state Budget, HD Kumaraswamy honoured the words of his astrologer as he presented the Budget past noon, against the general practice of presenting it at 11 am. As per close sources, an astrologer close to the Gowda family has predicted that, as per HD Deve Gowda’s horoscope, he stands a very good chance of ascending to the throne of Prime Minister once again.

For a moment, if one dismisses the astrological predictions, one certainly can’t dismiss the practical realities. HD Deve Gowda is one of the tallest leaders in the Mahagatbandhan. Though the contenders for the post of the Prime Minister are dime a dozen, pragmatically, it is HD Deve Gowda who stands a chance and happens to be the senior most.

But the BJP laughs off the issue, saying none can help if HD Kumaraswamy wants to build castles in the air.

“It will be most unfortunate if HD Deve Gowda becomes the Prime Minister. A man who has no vision, also happens to be running a corrupt government in the state along with the Congress. Let alone becoming the PM, even to think of becoming the PM is unfortunate. At this point in time, India is facing a war-like situation. HD Deve Gowda is a supporter of the Abdullah regime in Kashmir. Abdullah is known for his links with Pakistan. The country will certainly not approve of this. If HD Kumaraswamy wants to daydream, so be it. We have no objection,” said BJP spokesperson Go Madhusudhan.

HD Deve Gowda is in his eighties. And it is as clear as chalk and cheese to forecast that the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be his last. And he certainly wants to sign off on a high!