New Delhi: Following the death of an infant in the morning, the death toll in JK Lone Hospital has risen to 107, officials said on Saturday (January 4).

A three-member state government committee of doctors, who was sent to investigate the matter on December 23 and 24, found that Kota's JK Lone Hospital is short of beds and requires improvement. However, the committee gave a clean chit to the doctors for any lapses over the recent death of infants admitted there.

A Central government team reached the hospital on Saturday to take stock of the situation.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati took to Twitter and warned the Uttar Pradesh government, asking them to maintain the hospitals in the state.

"After learning a lesson from the painful death of many children in Gorakhpur in UP, the government should be very cautious and should maintain its hospitals. Otherwise, it will not take any time to be like Rajasthan," Mayawati tweeted.

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said that the Congress does not seem to be sensitive about the death of innocent infants.

"The death of about 105 innocent children in Kota in the Congress Government of Rajasthan is very worrying. But the Congress and their government do not even seem sensitive about this. It would have been good if in this case, democratic institutions would come forward and fulfil their constitutional responsibility," Mayawati tweeted.

BSP president had earlier demanded that CM Gehlot be dismissed and replaced by a new dispensation, claiming that otherwise more women will lose their children.

As per a government report, at least 91 infants lost their lives at the government hospital in Kota in December last year. Following the incident, the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government has come under fire from the BJP and other opposition parties in the state.