Kodaikanal: A journalist and her friends detailed out the horror they allegedly faced at a tourist spot in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal. The woman alleged misbehaviour by a group of men and delay in action by police, among other accusations on Twitter.

The scribe took to social media to narrate the incident of misbehaviour by a group of men at Kodaikanal lake, where she and her friends were visiting.

The woman alleged that a group of youth began to follow them. Despite ignoring them, the youths took out their cameras and began to click pictures of the journalist and her friends, she claimed.

The women confronted them and checked their cameras only to find what the woman claimed were, “inappropriate” photographs. Upon calling the police, the men who were until then, misbehaving decided to beg the women for forgiveness.

In her tweet, the scribe said that the words that the men used were, “We are men, how much more should we beg". Furthermore, she alleged that the police in the locality took 20 minutes to reach the spot and then took the youths to the police station.

At the police station, cops began to thrash the youths for their alleged misbehaviour and asked the women if they wanted to file an FIR or send them with a warning.

The woman and her friends decided that these youths need to be taught a lesson. The journalist claimed that the police said that they had detained the youths in jail overnight.

When the women went to the station the following day, they allegedly heard from someone else that their case in the police station was called the “the case with the short dress girls”.

Shocked and appalled, the women wondered if the police only took action against the men just because they were journalists, the tweet read. Furthermore, the woman also wondered if it was a mistake that they had decided against filing an FIR.

But the primary question remains, how can security be lapsed in places that are frequented by tourists?