Bengaluru:  A video has surfaced on the internet in which a kid can be seen addressing Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in relation to the construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad. 

The child says, "Khan Sahab (referring to PM Imran Khan Niazi), if the temple is constructed in Islamabad, then remember that I will kill each and every Hindu. Got it?” 


Such messages, especially by kids, is not at all a good sign. The father takes pride in this video, but to plant such hatred and bigotry at such a young age doesn’t augur well for a society. 


Though the government has allocated huge land for the construction of a Krishna temple, there have been massive protests. Some say it is against Islam to allow the construction of a temple, while some others feel the existing temples should be renovated. 

The opposition to the temple construction is really very, very strong! Earlier, men of prominence too had made their displeasure very clear. They claimed that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and construction of a new temple was not only against the spirit of Islam but also an insult to the ‘Madina Riayasat’, a reference to the Islamic welfare state that Pakistan aspires to be.

Pakistan is known to hurt, hound and harass Hindus who form a minority there. Frequent extortions, subjugation, disenfranchising of Hindus are a common occurrence. 

It should be noted that in spite of the massive opposition, tenacious and persevering Hindus had gone ahead with the construction of the temple, but with the massive opposition, it has been stopped. Reports add that the temporary compound wall of the temple too has been razed down as part of the opposition. 

Fanaticism of any kind is wrong, is it not? While no religion propagates zealotry or hate, there are some extremist elements who do nothing else but spread hate against others.