Thiruvananthapuram: With just days remaining for Teacher's Day, the Women's Commission has summoned concerned authorities of a prominent school in Thiruvananthapuram for not allowing teachers to sit during class hours. Women's Commission member EM Radha said the panel will be conducting a direct inquiry at the school regarding this matter. 

The incident came to light, when teachers of the reputed school approached the commission regarding the cruelty of school authorities. The teachers told the Women's Commission that they were put under CCTV camera surveillance during class hours and they were issued memos if they sit during class hours. According to sources, the memo reads that teachers cannot sit at any given time during the one hour of class. 

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Meanwhile, the teachers who complained about the memo were subjected to disciplinary action. The teachers also added that they were not able to scold students or correct them for their deviant behaviour. The school authorities had even issued the memo to those teachers who were on medical leave.   

In 2018, the Human Rights Commission ruled against installing cameras in classrooms of educational institutions. This decision was taken after a parent protested against installing the camera in the classroom in Thiruvananthapuram district. Kerala's higher secondary director PK Sudheer Babu, IAS, had also said that strict action would be taken against the schools and principals if they don't adhere to rules.