Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Congress(M) is again having a cold war after a letter was sent to the Election Commission by the party worker alleging that PJ Joseph is the chairman of the Kerala Congress(M). According to sources, the organisational secretary Joy Abraham has sent the letter to the Election Commission. 

The letter was sent to the EC stating that PJ Joseph is the part chairman. MLA Roshy Augustine, who belongs to the Mani faction, came up against this letter. He said to the media that the letter is a violation of the party's discipline. These acts can't be expected from PJ Joseph, he added.

According to sources, earlier Joy Abraham had issued circular to the party units mentioning PJ Joseph has been appointed as the working chairman.

PJ Joseph on May 13, was made the temporary chairman of the Kerala Congress (Mani). The decision was announced by the party general secretary Joy Abraham, who has the organisational charges. 

During the announcement of the temporary chairman, Abraham said that, as per party rules, in the absence of the chairman, according to the Rule 29 of party constituency, all powers and functions of the chairman will fall on the working chairman. So Joseph was selected as the temporary chairman.

According to sources, even after selecting the temporary chairman, the cold war inside the Kerala Congress (M) is still on. A couple of days ago, Prathichaya, the mouthpiece of Kerala Congress (M), had lashed out at the party's working chairman Joseph in its daily. The article in the newspaper said that late party leader Mani breathed his last with a wounded heart.