Bengaluru: Terrorism has no religion. But when the convict happens to be a Hindu, liberals never go a step back in criticising the offender based on his religion. 

The Communist Kerala government, in what comes as shocking and even shameful, has used the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi picture on its budget cover page. 

The budget concerns itself for the year 2020-21. 

The move to depict Gandhiji’s assassination was also justified by Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac and termed it a political statement.

“We are sending out a message that we will not forget who murdered Gandhi,” he said. 

This move by the Kerala government is only reflective of its anti-Hindu bias and its strong objection to CAA, NPR and NRC. 

While the CAA is an Act now, NRC is still in a drafting stage. NPR is due to start from April. 

As regards CAA, all it does is to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. What is essentially a one-time offer to integrate the minorities socially and emotionally with India is being seen as divisive and communal.

The Act enables around 32000 minority members to become citizens of India.

Refusing to bog down, Union home minister Amit Shah has categorically reiterated that the government won’t roll back the CAA, come what may.

It is also interesting to note that Kerala happens to be the first state in the country to pass a legislation against the CAA. 

In fact, it has also approached the Supreme Court seeking it to strike down the Act as it feels it is unconstitutional and divides people based on religion. 

Kerala Governor and its CM are also at loggerheads over the government’s move to approach the top court. 

While addressing the house, the Governor openly expressed his displeasure over the CAA, in spite of reading out a paragraph on the same during his budget speech.