Bengaluru: The respect for his parents and the love of taking up adventures triggered a youngster to pedal more than 1000kms to meet his parents. 

Rahul R Nair, who runs a startup in Bengaluru, is the man we are talking about. When he wanted to drive to Kochi to see his parents, he realised his driving licence had expired. 

Though he could have used public transport, he was against it as the risks it poses couldn’t be overlooked. 

That is when he decided to take the cycle, reports Times of India. 

Moreover, he could not postpone visiting the parents as he needed to attend to their medical needs. 

He took several days to cycle to Kochi and return, covering a distance of 1,100kms in total. 

It is to be noted that Rahul is an endurance cyclist and runs a startup ‘Two Wheels And A Handle’. 

“Though the severe heat and two tyre bursts on the third day troubled a bit, the ride was very good, especially the downhill ride through Wayanad forests, beautiful sunset at Kozhikode, and short-breaks taken near wayside tea stalls. And the most memorable one was hitchhiking on an Omni van carrying the bicycle to cross a 22km forest stretch in Nagarahole as cycling is banned in the forest. I would have never enjoyed all these if I had driven to Kochi as usual,” the website quotes him as saying.

He used to cycle from dawn to dusk and rest at hotels during night. 

He also had a puncture kit handy in case of emergencies. 

“He rode the bicycle to our car porch when I was reading a newspaper. I asked where his car and wife Uma were as they usually drive together. I was a bit shocked but did not want to scold him as he came home safely. Had I known about his cycling plan I would have advised him to be cautious. But I was sure that he had the greatest concern for his safety and his experience in endurance cycling was a benefit,” the website adds his father Ramachandran Nair as saying.