Thiruvananthapuram: CPI(M) workers have illegally acquired government land in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.  The land was first used by the party workers temporarily for election campaigning purposes, but later the party decided to use the land to build a party library.

Meanwhile, Colonel PM Kurup lodged a complaint at the chief minister’s office and with the district collector as well. The village officer, in reply to the notice issued in relation to the complaint, said no kind of construction works can be taken up in the land, even it is temporary or permanent.

As this reply didn't bring any kind of changes, Kurup's relative Rajendran registered another complaint. Following the complaint, the mayor issued a notice stating that the illegal construction should be immediately demolished,  but nothing much happened even after one month. 

According to sources, on April 11, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan ordered the district collectors in the state to take action against those who illegally grab government lands. 

Meanwhile, Keralites started to question the Pinarayi Vijayan government for its nepotism towards its party workers.

"I can't understand that when it comes to a poor person who has no land and if he tries to grab a small land of government, within one day the government takes action against them. But when it comes to the party workers the whole law and rules change for the Vijayan government," said Rupesh Chirakkal, a social activist. 

"In Kerala, if Left-wing member makes any mistake, they will be taken to the police station and after a few hours, they will be released. But BJP activists will be kept in the police station for a number of hours and will even be taken to jail for no mistake of theirs. I personally have faced that," said Arjun K, a BJP activist from Kannur.