Kollam: Two years ago, a couple who went by the family name Ilyas, lost a gold chain weighing five sovereigns (40 grams approximately). The missing gold chain was found two years later, almost 11km away from the home of the couple in Kollam, Kerala.

The entire village of Chadayamangalam was surprised when they got to know that the thief who took the gold chain was a cow. The missing gold chain was discovered in cow dung purchased for agricultural purposes.

Shuja ul Mulk and his wife Shahina had purchased cow dung from a person named Sreedhar for agricultural purposes, six months ago. Months later, when the couple thought of using the cow dung, they found a mangalsutra and gold chain.

When they examined their discovery, the couple noticed “Ilyas” written on the mangalsutra.

They embarked on a mission to find the owner and return the gold chain.

As their first step, the duo looked for the Ilyas family on social media.

At first no one approached them, but days later Thudayanoor Thiruvananthapuram native, who went by the family name Ilyas contacted Shuja and Shahina.

The couple had their doubts which was cleared when Ilyas told them the story of how he lost the chain. When Shuja and Shahina explained how they came in possession of the chain, it was easy to put two and two together. The Ilyas family had a cow two years ago and it was sold a short while after the chain was lost. The cow then came into the possession of Sreedhar and the ingested chain revealed itself months later.

Reportedly, the handover of the gold chain will take place in the presence of police officers in the coming days.