Islamabad: Pakistan has made a U-turn now. Just two days before the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor,  Pakistan said that Indian Sikh pilgrims need a passport to enter the Pakistan premises.

Pakistan's Army spokesman Major Gen Asif Ghafoor, while speaking to a private TV channel, said the entry of Indian Sikh pilgrims would be legal under a permit on a passport-based identity.

"As we have a security link, the entry would be a legal one under a permit on a passport-based identity. There will be no compromise on security or sovereignty," Gen Ghafoor said.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had recently announced that his government had waived off two requirements for Indian pilgrims visiting Kartarpur - they won't need a passport, just a valid ID and no advance booking was required.

"For Sikhs coming for a pilgrimage to Kartarpur from India, I have waived two requirements: They won't need a passport and can enter Pakistan with just a valid ID and the second one is that they no longer have to register 10 days in advance."

In addition, no fee would be charged on the day of the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor and on Guruji's 550th birthday, Khan had tweeted.

However, Pakistan refused to agree to India's demand to make the Kartapur Gurdwara's visit free of charge. New Delhi has already expressed its disappointment at Pakistan's refusal to waive $ 20 service charge on Indians visiting Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara.

According to the home ministry, the agreement, which lays a formal framework for operationalising the corridor, stated that Indian pilgrims of all faiths and people of Indian origin can use the corridor. The travel will be visa-free and pilgrims need to carry only a valid passport. Persons of Indian origin need to carry OCI card along with the passport.

(With ANI inputs)