Bengaluru: While the nation hangs its head in shame over the incident in which a Muslim mob ran amok, torching vehicles, setting an MLA’s house on fire in Bengaluru, here is another incident on the same lines. 

Reports are coming in that the flag of SDPI was hoisted atop an idol of Shankaracharya in Shringeri, Karnataka. 

Enraged at this development, Hindu devotees lodged their protest and asked the police to take action against the accused. 


BJP MLA CT Ravi, on learning of the issue, has put out a tweet, assuring that the accused would be hunted down and brought to book. 


A note on Bengaluru violence: 

An alleged derogatory post on Prophet Muhamad on social media led a mob of around a thousand Muslim youths to go on the rampage and create havoc on the streets of Bengaluru. 

Reports add that there was a delay of around 3 hours for the police to file an FIR. They further add that around 300 youth rushed into the police station and asked the police to register an FIR. 

But the police asked them to give a complaint in writing. However, the mob took umbrage to this and started resorting to wilful vandalism that included torching vehicles, setting the house of a Congress MLA on fire and injuring 60 policemen. 

But a question that begs an answer is: Even if there was a delay in registering an FIR, how did that become a licence to go on a vandalism-spree? 

How were the organisers able to mobilise a mob of a thousand youths in just a matter of a few minutes? 

That gives more fillip to the school of thought that the entire incident was orchestrated.