Bengaluru: Who wouldn’t have heard the name of Ramesh Kumar, the former Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly? 

In fact, it was he who took the decision of disqualifying all the seventeen rebel Congress and JD(S) MLAs of Karnataka. He went an extra mile and even set a term for their disqualification, till the end of 2023. 

Ramesh Kumar projects himself to be gentlemanly all the time, doesn’t retract his steps while issuing harangue-like homilies. In simple terms, he portrays himself to be bouquet of all noble qualities. 

But that is all hogwash. Now that he is no more a Speaker, he is a part and parcel of the Congress party. However, in sharp contrast to his projection of being a role model for all, he has let his tongue loose, stepping wilfully into the terrain of calumnies and mortifications. 

Take for example what he did in the last few days: During the campaigning for Congress candidates in the poll-bound constituencies, he used unparliamentary words. 

In another constituency, he compared the disqualified members to slippers and urged the public to keep these “slippers” the rightful place. 

An Assembly Speaker is an epitome of virtues. The language that he uses, the mannerisms he displays ought to be an exemplar for the future generations. 

But Ramesh Kumar, with his characteristic disdain, has thrown all deportment traits to the winds. 

The Karnataka BJP, today (November 29) lodged a complaint chief electoral officer in Bengaluru, in this regard.

Earlier in the month, in what came as a massive embarrassment for the former Speaker, the Supreme Court set aside his disqualification term, but upheld his disqualification order. 

The top court was also of the view that "there is a growing trend of the Speaker acting against the constitutional duty of being neutral.” 

The disqualified members are now contesting the by-polls. The by-polls will be held on December 5.