Bengaluru: As the Supreme Court delivered its order on the ongoing political tussle in Karnataka, the Congress-JD(S) coalition is going overboard to buy time by somehow procrastinating the trust vote, while the opposition BJP is hell-bent on ensuring the coalition take up the trust as soon as possible.  

It might be recalled at this juncture that Mukul Rohatgi, the counsel for the rebel MLAs argued before the judges that they had cut short the time to prove majority by the then chief minister BS Yeddyurappa last year from 2 weeks to 24 hours as the coalition knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court at night.

Now, in what might be roughly considered as a role-reversal, the coalition has been forced to prove its majority on July 18, by the Speaker Ramesh Kumar.

The coalition, is obviously fuming.

Members of the Congress and the JD(S) coalition met the Speaker earlier today.

Speaking to the media later, Krishna Byre Gowda, the Congress MLA from Byatarayanapura, said, “We approached the Speaker asking him if the rule which says that absenting MLAs must seek permission from the Speaker can be violated. To this, he said it is mandatory to take permission from the Speaker.”

On the other hand, Dinesh Gundu Rao, Karnataka Congress chief, tweeted his anger saying the Supreme Court has set a bad precedent encouraging defectors and horse traders.


Apart from these two developments, the Congress has filed a complaint with the Speaker against Ranebennur MLA R Shankar. The legislator won the Assembly elections on a KPJP ticket and merged his party with that of the Congress. Later, on July 8, he met the Governor and apprised him that he would withdraw his support to the Congress. This, the Congress party says, is an anti-party activity. So they have sought his disqualification.

However, sources say that Shankar is safe from disqualification as the process of merger hasn't been completed yet.

Party sources also said that the coalition would issue a whip to the dissenting MLAs to be present on the day of trust vote. However, the Supreme Court has insulated these MLAs from the consequences of not attending the trust vote as it said it is their discretion to attend or not. But the party feels the Supreme Court has snatched away their right to issue a whip and hence requested the Speaker if there's a possibility of pushing the date further.

Meanwhile, the BJP has approached the Speaker asking him not to procrastinate the date for the trust vote. These leaders, housed in resorts, rushed to the Speaker’s office and asked him to remain true to the date announced.