Bengaluru:  If reports from a Kannada web portal are to be believed, a newly appointed police superintendent of Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, Divya Sara Thomas allegedly prevailed upon the priest of an Anjaneya Swamy temple to place a photo of Jesus and Mary in the shrine and worship them. 

It is added that the officer was carrying the photo in her hands while she paid a visit to the temple. 

The priest succumbed to the pressure exerted by the officer and placed the photo in the sanctum sanctorum. 

Incidentally, the development took place on August 5, the very same day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the bhumi pujan of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. 

To mark the occasion, volunteers of Vishwa Hindu Parishat and Bajrang Dal had organised a special pooja. It was after this special pooja that this development took place. 

The pictures have also gone viral. 


While this took place on August 5, on the night of August 12, reports of SDPI flag being hoisted atop the idol of Shankaracharya in Shringeri, Karnataka have angered Hindu devotees. 


On learning of the issue, the devotees lodged a protest and asked the police to take strict action against the culprits. 

BJP MLA CT Ravi has also reacted on the issue and has ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. 

Such incidents have a great potential to create rift in the society by pitting one community against another. 

They also hurt and humiliate the sentiments of Hindus who believe in the universality of all religions. 

The Bengaluru violence in which the house of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy was gutted, as also a police station, apart from 60 policemen being injured and a number of vehicles being torched is an emphatic exhibition of Muslim mob violence in the country. 

The incendiary post against Prophet Muhamad is cited to be the reason. But it should be noted that the post, however incendiary it is, does not give anyone the licence to resort to vandalism.