Vijayapura: When Karnataka’s home minister MB Patil jumped the queue trying to get ahead of a crowd in a temple, little did he know he would be reprimanded. A girl who was waiting in line walked up to Patil and told him to stand in the queue just like the rest of them.

The VIP treatment for Patil seems to have irked the girl who along with others had been waiting for darshan for hours under the scorching sun.

“You may be a minister but you have to stand in the queue like all of us. You can’t expect special treatment,” said the miffed young woman when he and his entourage were allowed immediate darshan at a temple.

A surprised Patil tried to explain to the girl why he was in a hurry and apologised to her while coming up with ‘explanations’.

Saying that he too would wish to stand in the queue like a common man, Patil explained that he was scheduled to attend some important official meetings.

He also said that he had to rush to catch a flight from Hubballi airport.

“I have to attend two official events the same day. I cannot skip them. That is why I had to have a quick darshan,’’ he told the girl.

Convinced by Patil’s explanation, the girl praised him for his good works. Then Patil posed with her for a few photographs.

Patil visited the 770 Amaraganadishara temple on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri.

Hundreds of people were standing in the queue under the scorching sun when the minister rushed in and was escorted into the temple. 

The temple authorities were quick to enable Patil and those who came with him to offer prayers without any hassles.

Patil was in the news recently for backing a lecturer’s ‘anti-India’ comments on Facebook. Patil said that he found nothing objectionable or anti-national in his post.