Bengaluru: While the state of Karnataka debates and discusses the issue of Tipu Jayanti, the Karnataka high court will pronounce its verdict on Wednesday (November 5) over the issue of whether the government order to stop the official celebration of Tipu Jayanti is justified or not. 

It might be recalled that BS Yediyurappa, days after assuming office as the CM, blamed Tipu for the massacre of people of Coorg. 

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The Tipu Sultan United Front had challenged the government’s order. The chief justice of Karnataka high court heard both the sides and has reserved the verdict for tomorrow. 
Incidentally, the Karnataka high court in 2016 came down heavily on the state govt asking why the Govt was "so excited" to go ahead with celebrations of Tipu Jayanti. While hearing a petition filed by Manjunath a farmer from Madikeri , the court had observed that “the state govt was making a huge deal about Tipu Jayanti". 

The then chief justice of Karnataka, SK Mukherjee, while hearing the petition, had asked the Govt "What is the necessity to celebrate Tipu Jayanti? As far as my knowledge goes, Tipu was only a king and fought the British to safeguard his kingdom. He is not a freedom fighter."

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Incidentally, the court had refused to stay the celebrations as it related to the right of the government to make policy decisions. 

Professor NV Narasimaiah, a historian says, ”Many important personalities of Karnataka had requested Siddaramaiah to celebrate Tipu Jayanti by government of Karnataka. After so much of persuasion, Siddaramaiah started celebrating Tipu Jayanti by the government. It was BJP leader Appacchu Ranjan who wrote a letter to the govt to remove content of Tipu Sultan from textbooks. It is the government which frames the law, the judiciary can always look into the laws and scrutinise them.” 

Tipu Sultan is accused of butchering thousands of Kodava leaders and around 700 brahmins at Melkote, near Mandya during his reign.