Bengaluru: Sources from the Karnataka Congress confessed that that party has toppled governments with inducements earlier and that the BJP is repeating history.

“Two wrongs do not make things right. Earlier Congress was practicing it (inducing MLAs and toppling governments) and now the BJP is doing the same, stated a source from the party.

These comments come at a time where news of BJP chief Yeddyurappa offering special prayers to become chief minister of Karnataka is doing the rounds.

"Question of morality in our society is missing. If BJP is repeating the same mistakes made by the Congress, what morality does the BJP have?" the source questioned adding that it was a repetition of the same cycle.

Reacting to the news that BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa was conducting special prayers during the Lunar Eclipse, Congress spokesperson Kengal Shreeepada Renu said, "The current situation is such that nobody becomes chief minister by performing special prayers. Let him shell out more money to form the government."

However, BJP spokesperson Shreenath Sheshadri refuted the claims that Yeddyurappa was conducting special prayers to become the chief minister of Karnataka. He said that it is natural to perform pooja or offer prayers after the lunar eclipse and that there was no special motive in it.

With the Supreme Court's order that 15 disgruntled MLAs who have resigned from the post of MLA cannot be forced to be present in the Assembly during the trust vote, the coalition government faces the threat of losing power as they currently do not enjoy majority as per calculations based on recent developments.

On the other hand, if 15 MLAs absent themselves from the trust vote slated for Thursday (July 18), the BJP has the majority with 107 MLAs on their side. If the coalition fails to prove majority, there are chances of Yeddyurappa becoming the chief minister with the BJP, the single largest party, being asked to form government.