Bengaluru: Not for nothing is it said “history repeats itself”.

Last year, when the present president of the Karnataka BJP BS Yeddyurappa became the chief minister, he was forced to resign as he did not have the requisite numbers. This happened in May 2018.

At that point in time, HD Kumaraswamy could not hide his glee. He went on to prove his numbers and became the chief minister of the state, the swearing-in of whom, was a gala affair, attended by the who’s who of the political fraternity.

Now, 13 months after he assumed power, he is struggling to hold on to it. Frequent bickering, constant public spats have defined his term, with more than 15 MLAs supporting the coalition from the state putting in their papers.

While Kumaraswamy would be hoping against hope that the disgruntled elements would return, all eyes are on the Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar. His move will go a long way in deciding the fate of the present government.

What one should note here is that Kumaraswamy’s trusted lieutenant DK Shivakumar is doing all he can to keep the flock together. He had played a crucial role in helping Kumaraswamy become the chief minister in spite of winning a paltry 37 seats in the 2019 Assembly poll.

It is being said that Kumaraswamy and water resources minister Shivakumar are working overtime to ensure they have more time at their disposal, that is to say, they are hoping against hope that the Speaker will not accept the resignations of the disgruntled elements.

Senior Congress men know for sure that if Kumaraswamy does hold on to power, it will be a literal rebirth for him, else, they feel it is as good as over.