Karnataka coalition crisis live updates: House adjourned

Karnataka coalition crisis Fate of Kumaraswamy govt hangs in balance; trust vote today

6:21 PM IST

Karnataka assembly adjourned for the day

Karnataka assembly adjourned. House to reconvene at 11 am on Friday (July 19)

6:19 PM IST

BS Yeddyruappa says they will stay in house overnight

Leader of Oppposition BS Yeddyurappa says his party will stay in the house overnight and press for the completion of the vote of confidence motion 

5:34 PM IST

Deve Gowda sends message to son HD Kumaraswamy over Speaker's message

MyNation learns that HD Deve Gowda has sent a message to his son and chief minister HD Kumaraswamy that the Governor can't send a message to the Speaker 

5:10 PM IST

Ruckus breaks out over Governor's message to Speaker

As Governor sent his message to the Speaker to consider ending the vote of confidence motion by today, senior Congress MLAs RV Deshpande and Krishna Byre Gowda expressed severe dissatisfaction. House broke into chaos as the BJP took exception to it. 

5:04 PM IST

Governor sends a message to the Speaker

In relation to the vote of confidence, Governor Vajubhai Vala sent a message to the Speaker under article 175 of the Indina Constitution. In the message, he has asked the Speaker to consider ending the vote of confidence motion by today. 

4:25 PM IST

Congress to shift its MLAs to Eagleton and Wonderla resorts

Fearing losing more its MLAs, the Congress has decided to shift its MLAs to Eagleton and Wonderla resorts if the house is adjourned 

4:08 PM IST

Governor Vajubhai Vala sends special officer to meet Speaker Ramesh Kumar

With a view to ending impasse in the house, Governor Vajubahi Vala has deputed a special officer to meet the Speaker and seek more details from him 

4:01 PM IST

Amid ruckus, Karnataka Assembly adjourned for half-an-hour

As Congress members stormed into the well of the house, as a mark of protest over BJP members criticising the Speaker for his move not to call for a vote of the confidence motion, house adjourned for half-an-hour 

3:47 PM IST

Speaker Ramesh expresses displeasure over Shrimant Patil not present in the house

Speaker advises home  minsiter MB Patil to collect more details about Shrimant Patil getting admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. he later expressed regret over the happenings in the house

3:26 PM IST

Congress MLA DK Shivakumar alleges that another Congress MLA Shrimant Patil has been abducted

Shrimant Patil, MLA from Kagewad is at a hospital in Mumbai. DK Shivakumar alleged on the floor of the house alleged that BJP has a role to play in it. He even produced photographs to prove his claim. 

3:05 PM IST

BJP delegation led by BS Yeddyurappa seeks appointment with Governor Vajubhai Vala

Upset over delaying tactics employed by the Congress-JD(S) combine, BJP delegation led by BS Yeddyurappa seeks appointment with Vajubahi Vala 

2:30 PM IST

BJP to move no-confidence motion against Speaker Ramesh?

Opposition BJP is mulling moving a no-confidence motion against Speaker Ramesh Kumar. The BJP alleges that the Speaker is allowing lengthy discussions, with a motive of filibuster.

2:26 PM IST

BJP leader SriRamulu gets offer from Congress leader DK Shivakumar?

Top BJP leader Sri Ramulu and top Congress leader DK Shivakumar were seen having a chat on the floor of the house. Visuals of the conversation were being played on a local TV channel. 

1:47 PM IST

House adjourned till 3 pm

After Siddaramaiah concluded his Point of Order, Speaker adjourns house till 3 pm 

1:43 PM IST

Siddaramaiah pleads with the Speaker to not to take up voting

As the CLP leader feels that the Supreme Court has snatched away the right of issuing whip, Siddaramaiah pleads with the Speaker not to put the motion to vote. 

1:40 PM IST

MyNation accesses letter by Shrimant Patil written to Speaker Ramesh Kumar

MyNation has accessed letter of Shrimant Patil, MLA, Kagwad seeking permission to get himself admitted to hospital. 

1:24 PM IST

Proceedings disrupted by ruckus

Chaos rules supreme as leaders fight over Yeddyurappa's mention of the word whip in Supreme Court order. 

1:21 PM IST

Opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa rises in protest against Point of Order

For the second time today, BS Yeddyurappa rises and speaks against the frequent disruptions in the form of Point of Order. 

1:02 PM IST

Karnataka Assembly discusses the definition of Point of Order

Various leaders from dfferent parties discuss the definition and need for Point of Order. BJP leader Suresh Kumar, in fact, said Point of Order is being misused and leading to Point of Disorder.

12:37 PM IST

BJP leader Madhuswamy raises objection over point of order

We are not here to discuss what happened in the Suprme Court. Let him (HK Patil) approach the court and put forth his arguments. But here, it is not appropriate: Madhuswamy, BJP leader 

12:25 PM IST

Senior leader KS Eshwarappa raises objection

As Siddaramaiah continues to talk at lenght, KS Eshwarappa says he is misusing the floor of the house to talk ill of BJP. 

12:16 PM IST

Siddaramaiah thunders he has the power to issue whip

During his point of order speech, Siddaramaiah  says he has the power to issue whip and reiterates that the opposition wants to destabilise the coalition. 

12:13 PM IST

Ruckus breaks out again in house over Siddaramaiah's point of order

As Siddaramaiah continues to talk under point of order, BJP leader Madhuswamy rises again, says "it is too much". 

12:10 PM IST

BJP leader Jagadish Shettar raises objection over Siddaramaiah's speech

As Siddaramaiah continues to speak under point of order in a detailed manner, BJP leader Jagadish Shettar raises objection, says the length of his speech is too long. 

12:07 PM IST

Whole country watching proceedings in Karnataka assembly

The whole nation should know what's happening in our assembly. That is the reason why I am talking in detail. 

12:00 PM IST

Siddaramaiah, in his point of order, talks about tenth schedule

In his point of order, Siddaramaiah talks about the tenth schedule of the Indian Constitution and the need for bringing in a law to control defection. 

11:57 AM IST

Another Congress MLA conspicuous by his absence

Congress MLA Shrimant Patil from Kagwad constituency reached Mumbai last night.  He has been admitted to hospital in Mumbai after he complained of chest pain.

11:49 AM IST

Ruckus breaks out in Karnataka assembly

BJP leader Madhuswamy interrputs Siddaramaiah's point of order. Water resources minister DK Shivakumar jumps into the issue. Speaker fervently pleads to maintain decorum.

11:44 AM IST

Point of order raised by former CM Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah talks about anti-defection Law, taking reference to former Haryana MLA Gaya Lal who switched three parties on a single day. 

11:38 AM IST

CM turns philosophical,says power is not permanent

During his speech, CM HD Kumaraswamy says that no one can remain in power permanently. 

11:36 AM IST

CM pays glowing tributes to Speaker

CM HDK says he is fortunate to have Ramesh Kumar as the Speaker when he is the CM. He also added that  Ramesh Kumar was the Speaker when his father HD Deve Gowda was the CM as well. 

11:33 AM IST

CM HDK says he wants to discuss various issues related to alleged scams

CM HDK says that the floor of the assembly is the best place to talk about all the issues and other allegations levelled by the opposition. 

11:29 AM IST

CM says rebel MLAs have painted a bad picture about the Speaker himself

CM HD Kumaraswamy says the rebel MLAs have painted a bad picture about the Speaker himself before the Supreme Court.

11:26 AM IST

CM takes a dig at disgruntled elements

During his speech, CM says disgruntled elements brought up the issue of various scams in the coalition period before the Supreme Court. 

11:21 AM IST

CM HD Kumaraswamy: BS Yeddyurappa is in a hurry

CM begins his speech by saying that BS Yeddyurappa is in a hurry. 

11:16 AM IST

Speaker Ramesh Kumar enters the Assembly

Ramesh Kumar enters Assembly hall as trust vote set to begin. 

11:14 AM IST

BJP MLAs chant "Raja Huli" hailing BS Yeddyurappa

BJP MLAs chant "Raja Huli" hailing BS Yeddyurppa as they enter the Vidhana Soudha. It is being seen as a show of confidence. 

11:09 AM IST

PWD minister HD Revanna walks barefoot into the Vidhana Soudha

Elder brother of CM HD Kumaraswamy walks into the Vidhana Soudha barefoot. Sources say he hasn't worn slippers for the last ten days. 

11:00 AM IST

Disgruntled MLAs release another video; express unhappiness over Ramalinga Reddy

Disgruntled MLAs who are put up in Mumbai have released another video. The MLAs are clear that they will not follow Ramalinga Reddy. 

10:53 AM IST

Trust vote to begin at 11 am

Trust vote will begin at sharp 11 am. A bell will be rung upon which MLAs will enter the house. Later, the doors will be shut. MlAs can neither enter nor leave the house. 

10:49 AM IST

Congress-JD(S) coalition has 101 seats, BJP has 105 seats

The Congress-JD(S) coalition has a total of 101 seats, while the BJP has 105 seats. The magic number is 105 

10:41 AM IST

Opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa meets party legislators ahead of trust vote

Ahead of the crucial trust vote, opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa meets party legislators 

12:00 AM IST

CM HD Kumarasway arrives at Vidhana Soudha

After holding discussions with his father HD Deve Gowda,CM HD Kumaraswamy arrives at Vidhana Soudha

The Karnataka Speaker will open the motion to vote. Vidhana Soudha prepares for the day ahead. Follow live updates here