Puttur: A private college student was taken in a car to an unknown place and allegedly raped by five of her male classmates.

The gang of collegians allegedly provided the victim a substance which left her intoxicated.

The accused recorded a video of the act and shared it on WhatsApp.

The district superintendent of police (SP), BM Laxmi Prasad rushed to the town after he received news of the video going viral on WhatsApp.

Two of the alleged rapists, whose faces were clearly visible in the video, had been arrested by police earlier in the day, according to reports.

Reports released in the evening said that the special team formed by the SP has taken the other three accused into custody.

The arrested have been identified as Gurunandan (19), Prajwal (19), Kishan (19), Sunil (19) and Prakhyath (19).

Police have registered a case of gang rape under Section 376D of the Indian Penal Code.

The SP has warned the public not to share the video and that doing so will be considered a criminal offence. He reportedly stated that suitable action will be taken against the offender(s).