Udupi: Two boys were arrested following their act of dancing on the platform and recording the video on TikTok mobile application with a moving train in the background at the Udupi railway station in Karnataka.

They were slapped with a fine of Rs 700 and were made to delete the video. Media reports said that the duo was later let off after issuing a stern warning against repeating such acts.

Reportedly, two members of a dance group were on the Udupi railway platform at around 10 am on April 14. They started dancing and recording the same on TikTok app as the Mangaluru-Goa train arrived at the platform.

They were arrested as their act was a violation of Railways Act 1989.

The latest news is that Google Play Store and Apple Store have removed the TikTok app from their respective platforms following a direction of the Indian government.

Earlier, the Madras high court had issued a ban on TikTok, citing pornographic and inappropriate content. The Supreme Court refused to put a stay on the ban.

The number of new users for the video sharing app in March quarter was 188 million out of which India alone had 88.6 million new users.

Recently, the company said that it had removed over six million videos that were termed as violating the community guidelines.