Bengaluru: BJP corporator from Kadri South, Manohar Shetty has set a glowing example by walking the talk. 

Visuals of him entering a manhole to clean it up have gone viral, earning him plaudits for his phenomenal role. 

With heavy rains, the manhole was clogged resulting in an overflow. The corporator did summon the labourers to get into it and clean it up, but the labourers refused to get into it, citing security reasons. 

Ultimately, the brave corporator decided to step into the manhole voluntarily along with other labourers and clean it up. 

It is said he even commissioned a waterjet to clean it up, but it turned out to be futile. 

The overflow had resulted in inconvenience to the motorists and pedestrians. 

"The situation was getting bad. No one was ready to enter. Then, I decided to enter the manhole and clean the clogged pipe", the corporator was quoted as saying by News18. 

"We are elected representatives. If we can do something quickly, we must do that...We can’t force poor people to enter a manhole to clean the pipes for us. If something goes wrong, who will take responsibility? Which is why I decided to do the job myself", he further added.