Bengaluru: The schools in Karnataka have received a makeover with the state government implementing English medium in institutions. The move has been criticised for its “ignorance to the regional language”.

However, Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has strongly defended the move and stated that the government has not forgotten its roots, the English medium is just to ensure that students are not left behind in the learning process.

“The primary intention of starting English-medium schools in the state was to ensure that children from poor background get quality education and not lag behind in this competitive age,” stated Kumaraswamy.

Several quarters of society, particularly pro-Kannada slammed the chief minister for his move.

Speaking to MyNation, Shashi Kumar D, general secretary, Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, stated that the Karnataka government is nothing but a hypocrite.

Shashi Kumar said that the teachers recruited were all trainers and not fully qualified. “This will, in the long run have an adverse effect,” added Kumar. Further attacking the coalition government, Kumar said that it was the job of the government to ensure that balance is maintained.

“They, being the regional party, should encourage Kannada. But this kind of introduction will only make people disinterested in learning the regional language,” stated Shashi Kumar.

He further went on to say that just in the introductory years, people have shown a steep jump in preferring English to Kannada and expressed alarm over what might pan out in the near future, if this continued.

Speaking about Kumaraswamy’s defence, Kumar said, “I agree that it is necessary to learn English. But Kumaraswamy is propagating the medium of English.”

The government schools were not complying with rules and regulations alleged Kumar, who stated, “The government is not following the rules and regulations under the Education Act. They have blatantly violated norms.”