Bengaluru: A 70-year-old farmer committed suicide by consuming poison after setting his 65-year-old wife on fire in Channapura village, near Doddaballapura. After he burned his wife to death, Narayanappa fled from his house and consumed poison, after which he was found collapsed in the village.

On Saturday, at around 1am, Narayanappa entered his house and doused Lakshmamma, his wife, who was asleep, with kerosene and then burnt her to death. Lakshmamma died on the spot and her daughter and daughter-in-law, who were also in the house, could do nothing to save her.

Narayanappa later fled from the house and consumed poison, after which he collapsed in the village. He was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead at around 4 pm.

Trouble started brewing between Narayanappa and his wife a year ago, when he sold his 32 guntas land without keeping his wife and children informed. Lakshmamma’s son and daughter supported their mother and filed a civil suit against Naryanappa and the property sale.

Narayanappa had come to his house about 15 days ago, demanding that his wife ask their children to withdraw the case against him. He threatened to kill Lakshmamma if she didn’t do what he asked.

When Narayanappa had left the village and returned having spent all his money, his wife and kids refused to let him into the house. He then started living with his elder brother, who lived in the same village. Narayanappa was enraged with his wife, assuming that she had encouraged their children to register a civil suit against him and the selling of the property.

Doddaballapur Rural Police have registered a case of murder as well as suicide against Narayanappa.