New Delhi: "I would like to try till last breath, even if I fail," reads the profile of Major DP Singh on his website. The Kargil war veteran became the first battle casualty veteran (leg amputee) to skydive from 9000 ft.

Soon after the jump, he expressed his happiness as being "out of the world" and thanked the Indian army for giving him this opportunity.  

The retired officer of the Indian Army, who has a prosthetic leg carried out this feat at Nasik on Thursday. The freefall was conducted to endorse the “spirit of adventure” for all disabled soldiers who have suffered physical and war injuries in peacetime. The dive was conducted by instructors and training staff of the Indian Army (Army Adventure Wing).

"This jump was all about pushing my limit. There were 10 other thoughts in my mind before the jump. But as soon I jumped out of the flight my mind was clear and I was enjoying like a bird," Singh expressed his feeling, after the jump, with MyNation. He added that we limit ourselves as our mind blocks us we need to take control of it.

Major DP Singh, widely known as the “Indian blade runner”, was trained by the Indian Army to perform the first ever successful skydive. Gen Bipin Rawat, approved the activity for the officer to commemorate “Year of Disabled in the Line of Duty”.

The journey, to train the retired officer, was started on March 18 when he was trained on the first jump course. The training, which was witnessed by soldiers and recruits of the training establishment, successfully culminated on March 28 by safe and successful landing at the Dropzone. The skydiving was carried out at Nasik on March 28, 2019, along with the team of Indian Army's Additional Directorate General of Public.

Singh said that he was fortunate to get a second chance at life. "Life is a precious gift and I got this opportunity twice," he said. It was July 15th 1999. India was taking on Pakistan in the Kargil War. Major DP Singh fought bravely but was severely injured by a mortar fired from other side of the border. He was declared dead at the Army hospital, but another doctor saved him. Singh’s legs were amputated in order to keep him alive. He did not let his disability affect him as he took up running and wanted to be a part of the Delhi Marathon in 2009. That was how long it took for Singh to recover from his injuries.

DP Singh claims that he never feels that he has retired from the forces. "Armed forces have always empowered me. It is a family for me even though I have retired. It was an army that arranged the first imported blade in India which was for me. They make me feel that I have not retired. I am happy that army chose me as they somewhere feel that I live up the spirit of armed forces," Singh said.

DP Singh was awarded the National award for persons with disabilities in Role model category, 2018 by the government of India and he has also been awarded Limca “People of the year” 2016 and became the first Blade runner to run in High Altitudes and run half marathons (21KMs).