Bengaluru: Kangana Ranaut has become a nemesis for Sena members. After Sanjay Raut’s abuse of her with the vilest of terms, she hit back calling Mumbai names.
But Shiva Sena continues to target her. In its mouthpiece Saamna, Raut commented, "It's unfortunate that Maharashtra's prime opposition party is standing behind those who call Mumbai as PoK and BMC as Babar Army. This is an attempt to win upper caste Rajput and Kshatriya votes [in Bihar polls]...Not one Maharashtra [BJP] leader in Delhi was sad over the manner in which the state has been humiliated."

To this, Kangana Ranaut did not hold herself back. In the most stinging comeback, she said, "Wow!! Unfortunate that BJP is protecting someone who busted drug and mafia racket, BJP should instead let Shiv Sena goons break my face, rape or openly lynch me, nahin Sanjay [Raut] ji? How dare they protect a young woman who is standing against the mafia!!!" Kangana Ranaut tweeted.

The joust between Shiva Sena and the actress started after she compared Mumbai with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Taliban in response to the MP asking her not to come to Mumbai and the home minister Anil Deshmukh threatening her that charges of brining disrepute to Mumbai would be pressed against her.

After coming to Mumbai on September 9, Kangana paid a visit to the demolished structure a day later and vowed to expose Uddhav Thackeray even if it were to cause her, her death.

She also declared that she would work from her ruins as he has no money to repair it owing to the lockdown.

It is this unparliamentary behaviour that has irked the BJP leaders back home in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

As reports state, they have filed a complaint with the Shimla SP, seeking an FIR against him.

“Sanjay Raut, out of rage, not only abused and insulted Kangana Ranaut but showed scant regard to the law of the country and blew it in the air by disgracing and demeaning the law as he is invincible and protected from all the illegalities and offences,” stated the complaint.

It is also to be noted that Raut had rushed to give an explanation about the word that he used, equating it to “naughtiness”.