Bengaluru: The Congress is unable to defend itself in the wake of the massive allegations that are being thrown at it in relation to the funding of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. 

Now, Madhya Pradesh unit of the BJP has levelled serious allegations against former MP CM Kamal Nath that he connived with the Chinese in order to favour them, when he was a minister in the UPA government. 

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VD Sharma, BJP MP chief said, "Nath, in connivance with China, gave exemptions ranging from 40 to 200 percent in import duty on such products, which were available in the country itself. This affected the livelihood of artisans, wood, bamboo, clay traders among others, rendered people unemployed and destroyed small and cottage industries.” 

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However, Kamal Nath hit back, saying, "The BJP is an expert in raising issues which have nothing to do with today. Where was the BJP for so many years, why was it silent? Those who have been showing friendship with China for years, have been travelling there regularly, have been boasting friendship (with China), they are making false accusations today to save themselves."

It has come to light that the Congress signed a deal with the CPC in 2008, the details of which have not been publicised yet. It is also being alleged that Rajiv Gandhi Foundation received donations from government ministries and controversial leaders. 


The BJP has demanded answers from the Congress. 

Irrespective of the defence, the Congress has really cut a sorry figure as it scampers to stitch reasons as allegations of questionable donations arise. Not just that, the grand old party has needlessly put itself into a state of embarrassment as its leaders, starting from Rahul Gandhi have behaved in a manner contrary to political gentleness. 

As regards MP politics, Kamal Nath resigned as the chief minister a few weeks ago as he was unable to keep his flock together, thereby losing majority.