Bengaluru: As Jyotiraditya Scindia met Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Union home ministry Amit Shah on Tuesday (March 10), it was more or less clear that he too would get saffronised. 

And today (March 11) when he joined the party in the presence of party president JP Nadda, it was only a formality. 

On formally inducting Scindia into the party, JP Nadda assured that his party stood for democratic values. 

He said, “This is a very democratic party where every individual has his/her say. I hope that Scindia will also get an opportunity to participate in all the activities of the party, and see to it that the BJP becomes the rightful instrument in changing the destiny of the country.” 

Profusely thanking PM Modi and Amit Shah for welcoming him in their party, Scindia added that there were two incidents in his life that changed him completely. 

He said, “There have been 2 life changing events for me - one, the day I lost my father and the second, yesterday when I decided to choose a new path for my life...The Congress party is not anymore the party that it was earlier.” 

The newly-inducted leader also did not mince words in criticising the Congress as he exposed the follies of MP CM Kamal Nath. 

In this regard, he said, “Congress failed to create jobs in MP. There is a transfer business going on in MP Congress.” 

Scindia’s disgruntlement began the moment Kamal Nath did not offer the post of chief minister after Congress did well in the last Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. 

Later, with an obvious bid to please and placate him, he was made the general secretary of the Congress and asked to look after party prospects in Uttar Pradesh. 

But his discontent was only simmering. He was eyeing the post of Pradesh Congress Committee Chief, but it was Kamal Nath who held it for himself. 

Ultimately, Scindia took the ultimate step of divorcing his ties with the grand old party. 

Today, the Congress looks beleaguered and debilitated as it gets ready to see more Scindias bidding good riddance to it.