Bengaluru: Here is an interesting story. A civil engineer by profession quit his job to collect online junk.

Omprakash, hailing from Lucknow is the person in question. 

He says, “In 2014, I did a diploma in civil engineering from Hardoi Polytechnic. After this, I got a job in a company. I worked in Lucknow for a few days. Then in Varanasi, I was sent as a site in-charge. During this, there was not much salary. When I left the job, I used to get 30 thousand rupees a month. During my job, I often used to think of doing something myself. However, then I could not decide what to do.”

At the site, he was asked to collect scrap. At the same time, he also understood that the scrap was bought at an opposite price. 

It is then that he decided to start a scrap purchasing shop. He even started his own website but it did not take off. 

However, it was only in 2020 during lockdown that his scrap shop took wings. 

Initially, he started alone. Then, 2 other people joined him. Now as many as 5 have joined him. 

He adds, “In 2020, when Corona cases started growing, then I came home on leave. The lockdown took place a few days later. This free time proved to be the turning point for me. This gave me an opportunity to think and understand. I talked with family members about his idea. Everyone was of the opinion that I should start now. Then I started working from June 2020. Then two people worked with me. Later, when the work progressed, I increased their number. Today a team of five people work with me”.

As per his work protocol, when one expresses an intention to sell anything, his team goes there, weighs the products and then accepts it. 

Now, presently, he makes a sum of Rs 50000 a month.