Bengaluru: Barkha Dutt is supposedly a journalist. On several occasions, she has been exposed for her hypocrisy, her bias against BJP, ABVP and the right wing in general. 

Masquerading as a journalist, she has consistently maligned the profession, with no limits whatsoever. 

However, for a change, in what comes as a surprise, she had exposed the Congress terribly! 

Now, cutting the long story short, the violence on JNU campus in Delhi on Sunday (January 5) night has only reiterated the massive goonda politics that exists there. 

But what has Barkha Dutt got to do with the violence? 

Well, that brings us to the tweet that she posted on Sunday night. Take a look at the tweet. 

If you observe well, the marked portion of her tweet down below has a number +91 7005750770. The name that appears on the right side of this number is of a person named Anand. He questions, “Whaa kuch karna hai?” 

No, for now, let’s not concentrate on the message, but let’s tell you what how horribly Barkha Dutt has exposed the Congress party in her rush to defame the right wing. 

Now, before we go further, just have a look at another screenshot. 

This screenshot is of the Congress party’s FaceBook page set up to create a fundraiser just before the Lok Sabha elections. 

The reason for posting this screenshot is indeed for a very emphatic purpose. 

If you observe closely, the number +91 7005750770 which found a place in Barkha’s tweet also appears here! The FB share page publishes it as a contact for the purpose of fundraise. 

With these two pages that we have posted, it is as clear as daylight that the person Anand is linked to the Congress and it is the Left-leaning Barkha Dutt who exposed the Congress! 

As the tweet went viral, an embarrassed and checkmated Congress quickly put out a rejoinder, saying they had nothing to do with the person whose number was put up by Barkha.