Bengaluru: The issue of giving land to Jindal group in Ballari and Yalaburga, Karnataka, for mining operations at a deprecated value by the Karnataka government has had terrible implications.

With media going all out to expose the deal, chief minister HD Kumaraswamy formed a team headed by MB Patil, Karnataka home minister, to go through the details of the deal.

In what comes as an embarrassment to the ruling government, Kamesh, a resident of Kudutini, a small village near Ballari, Karnataka, has written an open letter to the chief minister, asking him for land to rear sheep.

MyNation has accessed the letter to the chief minister, the excerpts of which, are here:

“The Karnataka government has given land to Jindal Steel at throwaway prices. What was the need for it? Jindal company has caused loss to the tune of crores and crores to the government.

The company has also usurped land and cheated the villagers here. It has also not employed the locals here, thereby dishonouring the Dr Sarojini Mahishi report.

I am a resident of Kudutini and I have taken up the profession of sheep-rearing to sustain my family. I request you to give me 50 acres of land for the purpose. Unlike Jindal, I will employ hundreds of people and ensure their families live happily. I am even ready to pay a sum of Rs 2 lakh for the land. I will also pay my taxes promptly. Through this, I pray to you grant me my wish.”

Kamesh writing such a letter to the CM indeed comes as an embarrassment. But one should also note that the Jindal issue has split the coalition apart, with HK Patil, a senior Congress leader, openly expressing his displeasure over the deal.