Bengaluru: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) intends to unite those non-Muslim minorities from three Islamic states of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who had been persecuted on religious lines. 

But the Act has also openly shown the lack of unity, not just among opposition parties, but also intra party. 

For example, take the case of JD(U). 

A few weeks ago, Pavan Varma, a senior party member and a close friend of Nitish Kumar openly declared that he doesn’t support the Bihar CM extending his support to CAA and also the tie-up with BJP for the upcoming Delhi polls. 

And close on the heels, Prashant Kishor, a political strategist who joined the JD(U) has also not minced words in criticising Nitish Kumar over his moves. 

However, in spite of the opposition to his decisions on the issue, an unyielding Nitish Kumar has stuck to his guns, asking both the rebels to leave the party if they chose to. 

He was quoted by ANI as saying, “Someone is tweeting, let him a tweet. What do I've to do with it? One can stay in the party till he wants. He can go if he wants...Do you know how did he join the party? Amit Shah asked me to induct him.” 

What is interesting is how the party members are firmly backing Nitish Kumar. One of them said, “This corona virus is leaving the party and he is free to go wherever he wants.” 

The CAA, which is now sub-judice, was passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament and later assented by the Indian President. 

Though certain issues have been raised a few people, saying citizenship can’t be granted based on religions, the argument against it is that Muslims in the declared Islamic states can’t be persecuted religiously, if they are persecuted. 

The BJP had mentioned in its Lok Sabha poll manifesto that  it would legislate laws on citizenship. 

When reports last came in, Nitish Kumar has expelled both Pavan Varma and Prashant Kishore for anti-party activiities.