Bengaluru: Muddahanumegowda, who is the Congress MP from Tumakuru, filed his nomination today. The move to file his nomination comes in the wake of the Congress party relinquishing the constituency to JD(S) as per the understanding the two parties – Congress and the JD(S) – have in relation to seat sharing.

Though Muddahanumegowda filed his nomination, it is interesting to note that he did not have a B-form issued from the Congress party. A B-form is issued by a particular party, authorising and authenticating a contestant’s candidature. In this case, as Muddahanumegowda did not file a B-form issued by the Congress, it is safe to assume that he is an independent candidate.

This move certainly has a lot of ramifications:

If the Congress fails to counsel the leader from withdrawing his nomination, Muddahanumegowda’s filing of his nomination will be deemed an anti-party activity.

Hemanth Kumar, a senior political analyst says, “Muddahanumegowda may run the risk of being expelled from the Congress party if he doesn’t withdraw his papers. That also means the Congress will instruct its cadres not to work for Muddahanumegowda and work for the victory of HD Deve Gowda.”

But on the other hand, the Congress also runs the risk of inviting the wrath of its workers.

Hemanth Kumar adds, “Muddahanumegowda is a very senior leader of the Congress. Moreover, he is a popular MP who has worked wonders for his constituency. Asking the cadres not to work for him might upset them, leading to a lot of clashes.”

It is interesting to note that both Muddahanumegowda and HD Deve Gowda are Vokkaligas. Therefore, Muddahanumegowda will make life difficult for HD Deve Gowda as he will split the votes.

Meanwhile, trying to defuse the political situation, this morning, G Parameshwara, the deputy CM called Muddahanumegowda, trying to soothe fraying tempers. But sources say that Muddahanumegowda was unfazed.