Bengaluru: While the Prime Minister has called for a Janata curfew on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm urging people to stay indoors to cut the chain of transmission of the Coronavirus, several others who are opposed to him have come up with a plan to use this occasion to protest against CAA, NPR and NRC. 

As part of the Janata curfew, the Prime Minister has also urged people to clap or whistle at 5 pm for roughly 5 minutes as a mark of appreciation of our doctors, nurse and medical staff for having rendered yeomen service during the crisis. 

But Modi opposers want to use this time to lodge their protest against CAA, NPR and NRC. 

As reported by Republic TV, Civil society group United Against Hate has given a call for the same. 

"First we will thank our sisters and brothers who are at ground zero taking care of the infected, supplying essentials...and then we will hold anti-NRC, anti-CAA placards in our balconies and windows and demand the government to roll back its decision to start the NPR exercise from April 1," Nadeem Khan from United Against Hate said, as quoted by Republic TV. 

Khan also added, "We urge him to rehabilitate people who have lost their homes in the riots in northeast Delhi and are putting up in relief camps."

While such opposition is not new to Modi, the Prime Minister remains unfazed and his resolve to help his citizens only continues. 

Meanwhile the government has issued an advisory to all private and government hospitals to reserve a few beds, increase the supply of high-flow oxygen masks and manpower to meet the crisis. 

A number of traders have extended their support for the curfew. In many cities, metro and other public transport services will be hit.