Bengaluru: Even as the second wave of the corona pandemic recedes in India, the nation is not letting its guard down. 

The governments have taken massive measures to vaccinate as many people as possible. 

As reported by India Today, Weyan village in Jammu and Kashmir's district Bandipora has become the first village of the country to vaccinate entire populations above 18 years against Covid-19.

This national record is attributed to the 'J&K Model' under which the administration decided to reach out to the people, instead of people coming to the vaccination centre, the website notes additionally. 

What is utterly unique about this initiative is that health care workers travelled to the most remote parts, climbing mountains and rocky terrains, thereby putting themselves under tremendous risk. 

A villager says, “I am thankful to the health care workers. I appeal to everyone in the country to take these vaccines”. 

Dr Masrat, Block Medical Officer says, “We have vaccinated all the people aged 18 and above. We had to do it briskly because they are nomads and would leave the village anytime, only to return 6 months later”. 

The officials of both block and village level are involved in the entire project. 

A vaccine administrator adds, “We leave early in the morning to reach their destination, after climbing rough terrains. One of the reasons is that these villagers don’t come to the designated slot to get themselves inoculated. Therefore, we have taken up this endeavour”. 

This door-to-door vaccination campaign is indeed rewarding as all 18+ population have been vaccinated. No amount of praise would recognise the herculean efforts these health care workers have put as they traverse tens of kilometres to ensure their brethren are safe. 

Meanwhile, in a televised address to the nation, PM Modi informed the nation that the centre would take up the onus of procuring the vaccines and distributing them to the states.