Bengaluru: In what makes every Indian’s blood boil, as reported by a popular website, radical Islamists having links with ISIS held a protest outside Indian embassy in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 

But if you are wondering what’s wrong with the protest, we need to apprise you that the protest was held against the Delhi riots that took place during the visit of US President Donald Trump. 

Not just that, the website adds that the Indian national flag was also burnt during the protest. 

Apart from that, the website further adds that ISIS flags were also waved. It is further reported that the protesters threatened to launch a massive protest against a businessman having his roots in India. 

The incident took place on March 8. 

Indian Ambassador to Indonesia Pradeep Kumar Rawat has condemned the incident. He has ruled out prospects of having any kind of conversation or dialogue with the protesters after the tricolour was burnt down. 

The Indonesian foreign ministry has taken cognisance of the protest and initiated swift action against the 2000-odd protesters. The Indian embassy too has been intimated about it. 
Meanwhile, what’s irking is the fact that there are robust doubts that Pakistan may have been involved in orchestrating the protest. 

The Delhi riots: 

Timed to suit President Trump’s visit to India, mobs went on the rampage and vandalised properties and killed people uninhibited. 

It wasn’t just ordinary people who were at the receiving end, even cops were attacked. A constable Ratan Lal and an IB officer Ankit Sharma were killed in the melee. 

In all, more than 40 people have been killed in the riots while more than a 100 remain injured. 

The riots were over the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act by the Indian Parliament last December which gives refuge to 32000 refugees from the Islamic nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan and

Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014.