Aligarh: Instead of building Babri Masjid, construct a mosque in the name of Dara Shikoh, known for spreading harmony between Hindus and Muslims, said Aamir Rashid, president of Dara Shikoh Foundation in Aligarh. 

Aamir Rashid has written a letter to PM Modi in this regard, and stated that Dara Shikoh mosque should be built at the 5-acre land allotted to Muslims during Ayodhya verdict delivered by the Supreme Court.

Babur was a tyrant and had harmed and hurt the culture and traditions of Hindus. But Dara Shikoh was a symbol of religious harmony between Hindus and Muslims. 

He also said that if Muslim Personal Law Board or any other equivalent organisation refuses to accept the 5-acre land allotted for the mosque, then the Dara Shikoh Foundation is ready to take the land and build a mosque in the name of Dara Shikoh.

The Supreme Court verdict has clarified that previously disputed land in Ayodhya will be given to Ramlalla. On the other hand, the direction also stated that 5-acre land should be given for the mosque, said Rashid.

Rashid said that in the letter written to the PM, he has specified that whoever builds a mosque there, it should be in the name of Dara Shikoh. The reason is that, "Prince Shikoh is known in Indian history as a person who strived for harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He was a bridge between the two communities. But Babur was a foreigner and is known as a tyrant who destroyed the Hindu religious places including temples."

Currently, the kind of harmony and integrity that can be seen in India will be affected if the mosque is named after Babur, added Rashid.

Rashid said that in case the Muslim Personal Law Board does not agree to build a mosque, then if Prime Minister directs them the Dara Shikoh Foundation will construct a mosque in the allotted spot.