Bengaluru: The Rajasthan political impasse has exposed the Congress party. It is certainly in dire straits.
Sachin Pilot expressing his disgruntlement should only be a reiteration of how the grand old party has not treated youngsters with talent with respect. He certainly joins the league of Jyotiraditya Scindia. 


Now, as the imbroglio extends, senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily has stressed on the fact that general secretaries must do more to keep the party united. 

“It (the Rajasthan-type crisis) can be prevented. Some of the (party’s) disasters could be prevented. Many of the times, they (general secretaries) don't bring it to the notice of the central leadership, and don't keep them informed about developments and take immediate corrective actions," he said.

"These days we are not doing this kind of exercise whether it's Northeastern states, or Madhya Pradesh or Karnataka, or any of these states. Many a time, vigilance on the part of high-command is also lacking. As a result when everything happens (problem comes to a head) only then they become panicky, that’s not the way," Moily said. 

He also added, “In a month, general secretaries should be there in their respective States for 15-20 days. That is how all these problems can be solved.” 


On the issue of high command being revamped, he said, "In the high-command (All India Congress Committee), there should be a revamp."

Interestingly, he recalled that he had earlier served as the party's in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry. "We used to take corrective action (during that period) visit there. These days these exercises are not done. Now-a- days people who are put in charge (of States) have no time to go there or be there, they don’t undertake tours of the districts.” 

Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot informed that he is considering all legal options as he is sacked by the party.