Indonesia has made a special announcement regarding its tourism. People travelling to Indonesia will soon have access to new visa options. The Indonesian government has introduced a project offering free visa entry to travellers from India and 19 other countries, aiming to boost tourism and revive its economy. This initiative will make travelling to Indonesia significantly more affordable for Indians, as living expenses there are approximately Rs 2557 per month.

Boosting tourism

Indonesia initiated this project under the leadership of Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno to implement the free visa programme before the government change in October 2024. The objective is to streamline visa processes for tourists from India and other key tourism markets, thereby increasing tourist arrivals. This move is anticipated to attract foreign investment and strengthen the digital economy in Indonesia.

Before the pandemic, tourists visiting Indonesia typically spent around $900 on average. Recent trends show a notable increase, with each visitor now spending an average of $1,600. Minister Uno aims for this programme to attract ‘quality tourists,’ travellers who stay longer and make greater contributions to the local economy.

Here is the list of countries that will receive free visa entry to Indonesia under the announced scheme:

•    Australia
•    China (PRC)
•    India
•    South Korea
•    USA
•    UK
•    France
•    Germany
•    Qatar
•    United Arab Emirates
•    Saudi Arabia
•    Netherlands
•    Japan
•    Russia
•    Taiwan
•    New Zealand
•    Italy
•    Spain
•    Two middle eastern countries (unspecified)

What tourist visa choices are available for travellers visiting Indonesia?

Travelers from India and other countries have a range of tourist visa options to accommodate their travel duration and activities. You can obtain more details from the official information published by the government.