Bengaluru: Difficulties in life are inevitable. But everything depends on how you face these difficulties to emerge victorious. 

Zarin Khan from Mumbai is a shining example of how it is done. She topped the country in the charted accountancy (CA) intermediate examination in the old syllabus with 65.86 per cent. A little more than 4000 students took up the exam that was held in a delayed manner, all thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

“I didn’t believe that I have topped. I was not expecting to be a ranker, let alone be the first in the country. I had applied in 2017 and took a two years gap. I interned at a company for one year and used the money for CA classes. With my family’s support, I took the exam last year. I was scared and nervous before appearing. In the lockdown, I got more time to concentrate on my studies as there was less disturbance. I used to study all night to focus better as in the morning as there is too much noise as our house is near a road,” she says. 

It is indeed a great moment for her as she is first member in her family to have gone this far.  

She says, “No one in my family is well educated. It was in 2017 after I completed my graduation that I decided to apply for CA. I’ll complete my articleship and then peruse CA final exams.”

Life is certainly not a bed of roses. As she studied in her small house, she had to make sure she did not disturb others in the house. So she used to study in the kitchen and burn the midnight oil. Her three younger siblings too are not well-read. 

Well, what more can be said? The will to excel does take you a long way.