Bengaluru: Indian Army is creating what’s called Integrated Battle Groups or IBGs. These IBGs can mobilise fast and hit hard.

The concept suffered some delay due to the Covid pandemic and military confrontation with China, notes Times of India. 

The IBGs, will each have around 5,000 soldiers and a varying mix of infantry, tanks, artillery, air defence, signals, engineers and other units permanently deployed together. These IBGs should be ready early-2022, say officers, the website adds. 

It also quoted Army chief General M M Naravane as saying, “Creation of IBGs is a logical step towards our operational thought process on how to conduct future operations in an integrated all-arms paradigm”. 

“The process of `IBG-isation’ is well underway and in-house deliberations are being carried out to evolve force structures proficient in fighting and winning future wars,” he added.

It should be noted that the creation of IBGs and theatre commands as well as the ongoing organizational restructuring of the 13-lakh Army are all geared towards acquiring a greater offensive punch and addressing the two-front challenge posed by China and Pakistan, the website notes further. 

“The changing character of warfare, RMA (revolution in military affairs) and the extant/future threats to our active borders emphasize the requirement for faster application of forces. Technological advancements also necessitate a change in the concept of war-fighting and organizational structures,” said Gen Naravane further. 

China’s aggression with India last year has led the Army to rebalance its forces and firepower to guard the Line of Actual Control which is 3,488 kilometres long.