Bengaluru: India is fighting the second wave of coronavirus pandemic on a massive scale. 

People are pitching in whatever way possible. Social media has turned into a helpline. 

While the citizens are contributing their might, the Indian Railways and the Air Force are also contributing humongously to distribute oxygen across the country. 

Now, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to fly six more cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai to its airbase in West Bengal's Panagarh, reports Hindustan Times.

It should be noted that these would be in addition to the six cryogenic oxygen containers flown in by the IAF's C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft from Dubai to Panagarh yesterday (26 April).

These containers, upon arrival at Panagarh, will be filled up with oxygen and transported to different centres by rail or road.

Last week, SpiceJet's chairman and managing director Ajay Singh said that the airline along with its sister company SpiceHealth is looking to bring into India more than 10,000 oxygen concentrators in the coming days from across the globe, as per an Economic Times report. 

The Adani group has also airlifted oxygen from Saudi Arabia to ameliorate the situation.

DRDO pitches in, builds hospitals, transfers oxygen technology: 

DRDO has used this technology to create 1000 litres of oxygen per minute which can be translated into civilian use. 

It is an indigenously built technology (specifically for India-manufactured aircraft) used to supply oxygen to the aircrew by supplying oxygen using bleed air from the engine and separating oxygen from other components, using a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology. 

With this technology the pilot can remain airborne for a long time. Till this time, the pilots had to get to the ground, maybe an hour or so after they were airborne to refill oxygen.